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Before setting up EyeDP, it’s necessary to setup a couple of additional dependencies.


DigitalOcean has good tutorials on setting up Postgres with a Rails development environment for Mac or Ubuntu. Those guides will help you get Postgres setup, but you should come back here for the Rails environment setup!


Setting up Redis is a bit easier, and can be accomplished with a single comand on either Mac or Ubuntu:


brew install redis


sudo apt install redis-server

EyeDP is the recommended tool to manage Ruby versions and Gemsets for EyeDP. After following the directions on getting a Ruby environment setup, clone the project, change into it’s directory, and install the ruby dependencies:

git clone eyedp
cd eyedp
bundle install

Before you can run EyeDP, it’s necessary to initialise the database:


It is now possible to start the various pieces. Run each of the following in a different terminal:

bundle exec sidekiq
bundle exec rails server

Now that EyeDP’s dependencies have been installed, it’s time to do the first time setup!.